Our professional services include patent and trademark preparation and prosecution, Intellectual Property licensing, Intellectual Property litigation, and professional advice and practical counsel on Intellectual Property issues.

In addition, our firm provides Intellectual Property support services to other domestic and international law firms, including invalidity and infringement opinions and litigation support for on-going infringement suits.

We provide full professional legal services for the creation and maintenance of trademark portfolios both domestically and internationally:

  • trademark search and prosecution
  • collision monitoring of registered trademarks
  • licensing of trademark rights
  • oppositions to trademark applications and cancellations of trademarks
  • infringement litigation before national courts

Our patent services include all aspects of patent prosecution and litigation:

  • prior art searches
  • preparation and prosecution of German, European and PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patent applications
  • oppositions proceedings and nullity suits
  • patent licensing
  • patent infringement proceedings before national courts

We also assist you in setting up companies in Germany and Singapore (one-stop solution) and in the launch of new products in Europe, especially Germany, and Asia. Our core IP services are therefore rounded off by our additional services with respect to:

  • representation of parties in international arbitration proceedings
  • advice on corporate and fiscal legal aspects of license agreements
  • IP related due-diligence processes and IP related product clearances
  • registration of companies in German and in Singaporean commercial registers
  • negotiating of contracts and agreements with Chinese parties
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